Whether it is in the routine activities of monitoring a property or responding to an unexpected crisis, my goal is to provide each client with assurance that I have done everything within my ability to properly maintain and protect their home away from home.

Standard Services

An extensive, customizable checklist for both interior and exterior inspections is created for each homeowner. Using the latest in home-watch technology, the findings and photos (when applicable) are sent to you after each visit.


Interior Checklist

  • Examine overall condition of the home (temperature, odor, etc)
  • Run all faucets and showers
  • Flush all toilets
  • Visual inspection for leaks (ceilings, windows, doors)
  • Check for evidence of pest activity
  • Inspect refrigerator, freezer and wine cooler settings
  • Inspect hot water heater for leaks and proper setting
  • Inspect sump pump for proper functioning
  • Check electrical panel
  • Inspect smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and alarms for proper functioning

Exterior Checklist

  • Visual check of all doors, windows and locks for evidence of intruders or vandalism
  • Check for evidence of pest activity
  • Confirmation of proper lawn, landscape and pool maintenance
  • Ensure outdoor water sources are off
  • Remove materials that show evidence of non-occupancy (mail,flyers, newspapers, etc)
  • Inspection of exterior perimeter of house for damage and potential issues
  • Roof and gutter inspection from ground level for obvious damage and potential issues
  • Visual inspection of perimeter of property or fence line

Signature Services

Recognizing that each home has unique characteristics and each homeowner has unique preferences and availability, Island Overlook offers multiple Signature Services. These options can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and their home and are priced accordingly.


Key Holder

  • Local contact for alarm, fire, police, neighborhood association, etc.
  • Provide access for third party vendors, contractors, service technicians
  • Accommodate friends before and after their stay
  • Meet and provide oversight for deliveries

Arrival and Departure Services

  • Adjust thermostats
  • Adjust interior/exterior lights
  • Turn on/off water supply and/or heater
  • Stock or empty refrigerator/freezer and pantry
  • Remove trash and recyclables
  • Coordinate cleaning services
  • Coordinate transportation

Storm Services

  • Create a customized storm plan
  • Move/secure outdoor furniture, décor, plants
  • Install/remove storm shutters
  • Take photos and assist with insurance inspection if needed
  • Arrange for additional yard clean-up or rubbish removal as needed

 Custom Services

  • Check pool pump/filter operation
  • Maintain vehicle battery charges
  • Water indoor/outdoor plants
  • Coordinate special home maintenance/renovation project

Our Reporting System

Island Overlook uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT. The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that correspond to the report’s creation.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.